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How to post Pictures
The old ways of phpBB are no more.  MyBB works a bit differently.  Easier, actually.  Smile 

To post photos, video links and much more, you will need to use the Full Editor when you post.  Starting a new thread will automatically take you to the Full Editor.  But if you are replying to a post, there are three ways to get there.
Scroll down to the Quick Reply box and click on any of the three buttons you see circled in red.  Please note that "Reply" will quote the post that you clicked "Reply" in. 


That brings you to the Full Editor where you will type your message and add your stuff.  You will see this task bar at the top.  Hover your mouse over the icons to learn what they do.
To add an image that is hosted on the internet, click the photo icon (blue arrow) and paste the image's URL in the box.  Click "insert" to add the image to your post.


You can also add photos as Attachments.  Just scroll down until you see the box that says "Click or drop some files here to upload..." and do what it says.
If your file is freakishly huge, it may not allow it.


If it works, your file will be listed below the "Click or drop" box, on the left.  To the right of each file, you can either "Remove" or "Insert Into Post".

That's about it.  Hover and click some stuff.  Experiment.  If it comes out all messed up, backspace and try again.  Always feel free to post questions in the Site Suggestions forum.
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