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Dual Dash Cam on the bike.
I bought and installed eyes in the back of my head. I felt the need after almost getting clobbered on my FJR1300 while commuting to work.

I did my research and decided on the Blueskysea DV988 multi-camera DVR with GPS and Wi-Fi. 1080P quality! Really nice system. Bought it on eBay for $136 plus tax.
It also needs a SD card (not included). It won't work without a card.

I got tired of vehicles running up from behind without me knowing. The screen can show either or both feeds, so i use it as a rear view mirror. This is actually better than mirrors because my elbows aren't in the way.
The wide angle shows me my blind spots. No need to turn my head anymore.

It will also record sound, location and speed once my GPS module arrives. No more unrecorded weirdos.

Now if I see something cool, I share it with y'all. If someone tries to kill me again, I can share it with y'all. ;-)
In the year that I've had it, I've captured some shocking moments, near misses, a truck wreck, animal strike and misbehaving cops.
I sent some clips to the local police chief and now the Officers drive much better. I'm not exaggerating.

Also, if the bike falls over or is tampered with, it records.
If I wreck, it locks that segment of video from being overwritten.

If you want gps speed and location, order that module separately or find the Pro set that comes with it.
I ordered it later and added it in.

You can download video to your phone using built-in Wi-Fi, or you can pull the card and use your PC.

Bar-mounted DVR can be installed under the seat, as well. The screen can be blank if you prefer.
[Image: 764ef61426ae302a46793ed234c9fd5c.jpg]

Rear camera.
[Image: b8bfc88eee8c2cb555f3f4d51d130c82.jpg]

Front camera.
[Image: a0704195d5667538b6aa540df52d0574.jpg]

[Image: a4637c66567d6d68f6431a0da7c82ad4.jpg]

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Current squeeze is a 2003 FJR1300R
I think I'm going to get this...

Was it difficult to install?

Ashwin Gopalakrishnan #788 - He Showed Me The Way And How To Get Through It.  I Will Always Miss You, Ash.
YOU would probably get some good content from it.  Cool

Not difficult to install at all.  I think it would be very similar on the Cat as it was on my FJR. 
Mount the DVR to the bar and run to switched power.  Mount the cameras and run the wires to the DVR.  Add the mic/switch to the bar or dash or wherever.  Stick the GPD module on the dash surround.  Tie up the excess wire.
Member: 100,000+ Mile Club (2003 YZF600RR)
Wind Deflectors        Lost Sprocket Nut Fix
Current squeeze is a 2003 FJR1300R

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