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Possibly parting out bike
Thinking of parting out bike just wondering if I should sell the bike whole or part out ? 
Let me know what y’all think so I can make a decision …
First of all, welcome to the site. Smile

What all is wrong with it?
Can you post some pics?
Runs very rough, haven’t really given any tlc in a long while had a wife and kids and haven’t gone back to tinker with it . Last time I turned it on the engine would stall out giving it fuel with full choke on. Had someone clean the carbs but was not able to get it to run normally it’s been sitting for two years now …
Mine did that and it was a bad battery. Hook it to a car battery, with the car not running, and see if it revs up.

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I voted to sell it as a complete bike based on now you indicated that you don't have much time for it.
If you can get it running properly, and you can tell a buyer that it sat for a while, but now it has clean carbs and a new battery, yadda, yadda, yadda, that buyer will have confidence in it and be willing to pay a fair price.

If it didn't run, or was crashed, I might say part it out.

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