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Wicked rearender
I'm sure some of you saw the post about my new ninja. My roommate got in the same model a little older. I spent the day on Tuesday working on my wife's YZF getting a back road ready, put a put a better radiator on it as it was overheating and I just did her ride height because her bike wanted to dive into the turns. so we all jump out on our bikes and we're just riding around the area, nothing crazy nice calm ride no super tight corners or anything like that just enjoying the weather. We're out for about an hour and a half and heading back home around one of our last turns the chain snaps on my wife's big deal, she kept it up right, it was a little surprising, and it does not look like there's any damage to the case as far as I can tell yet. so we inspect the damage and I decide to ride back home and pick up the truck and the ramps. My roommate States he's going to stay behind and I tell him it's not such a good idea as 2x sitting on the side of the road right after turn is more than twice as dangerous as just one. He agrees to come with me. about 15 minutes later we're back picking up her bike loading it into the back of the truck. The road that were on has a 55 mile an hour speed limit. there's two roads that go into my neighborhood, the first turn I pass because I know the road is covered in potholes. As I'm slowing down to make a left into my neighborhood I'm watching in my rearview mirror as I'm making sure the bike is staying upright. It's strapped in place and using a stand to hold it upright. going about 10 miles an hour with my left turn signal on when we get slammed into. A 19 year old student leaving college clearly distracted doing about 60 miles an hour before impact.
He hit us so hard the frame on my 07 Chevy Silverado is twisted under my truck. His car is totaled oh, and the bike sitting in the bed of the truck got launched into the air and is now laying on its side. the impact was so great there is a dent in the tailgate from the bikes initial impact and another dent in the front of the bed from the bike slamming into the back of my truck. The cab of my truck is straight, minor dents from where the bed bent into the cab. I was launched into the roof as was my wife and my roommate. We all had minor injuries. The kid that hit us is okay, he just had a bloody nose all of his airbags deployed.

Honestly the most f*****-up thing about the situation, if I hadn't spoken up and told my roommate to come with me he would have been following us when this happened...

You never f****** know, you got to live your life to the fullest we don't know what tomorrow's going to bring. Keep your Head on a swivel.

I was even looking in the rearview mirror at the bike on impact I didn't see him but he didn't see me either.

The bike does not look too bad in the pictures, it currently does not start and my biggest concern is from the impact that the forks are bent as the front rim has a bend in it.

I'm no insurance adjuster, but looking at everything I'm assuming about 8,000 in damage to my property.

He was driving a 2016 Chevy Cruze. I don't know if it was the best car he could have hid or the worst. I'm a fire medic, my wife is a paramedic in a local hospital and my roommate is a service tech at a local register Chevrolet...[Image: c6d2ca7174fbafb9696f4624ed5e7df3.jpg][Image: 735b7b859f4f148dd18bafcb0faaa895.jpg][Image: 5cf08667dd22bd93f814243f53590b8f.jpg][Image: 22777cbbd8aae89a57357b2187c18b1b.jpg][Image: c6d0a034ae7661794cfbd91006276a7f.jpg][Image: ebf0791302012dac17321b44c0e78783.jpg][Image: 06f566dfed8d25b22f2974db906da601.jpg][Image: 6a77c967b109d34e211bc89609b81b3c.jpg][Image: 95e2d125973759fcc84c1929aa18f7cb.jpg]

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Scary story for sure. It seems no one was hurt? If so that's good. Glad you made it
I have a full engines worth of bolts and hardware. if you are missing somthing specialty hit me up I will share.
Goodbye Ashwin, stay safe on the otherside.
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We all made it out ok. My left sided siatica is back but I'm better today than yesterday. He had a bloody nose.

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Whoa!!! I am SO glad to read you guys are okay. Did the 19 year old state why he was distracted?

Cars and bikes can be replaced... People can not. It’s a bit of a hassle to go through the repairs process, but I will gladly take it over the alternative.

Definitely a hard hit, judging by the pictures.
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I know that with cars, the frame damage on the rear would mean it’s a total loss. Is it the same with trucks?
"A road trip without distractions is just a commute." --Dennis Matson
Holy moly! Glad to read you are all ok!

Sucks about the damage though.

ALL property should be covered, and hopefully the insurance company will see that!

Keep is updated, and heal well
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Damn, but glad you're both ok. I would think the same thing as Micah said, that frame damage = total loss. Might be easier to repair with a pickup truck though, since a true pickup is body-on-frame.
Ride safe in Heaven, Ron, Matt, Andrew, Joe, Kevin and Ashwin.  We miss you.

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Many of your YZF600R forum questions can be answered here Smile
Upside: no serious injuries.

Downside: your truck is totaled.

Upside: if he has insurance (please, god, let him have insurance!), you're getting a new truck!

Downside: the bike was damaged.

Upside: YOU WILL LIST EVERY DAMAGED, BROKEN AND/OR SCRATCHED PART for the insurance claim and this will total out your YZF. However, you can tell them you don't care, you want to fix it, and get paid out the replacement cost PLUS mechanic's time for all of those parts. GET A CHECK, don't let them try to make you take it to some dealer or repair place. You can then decide whether to fix it completely, make it running and sell it, or sell it as is and put the money towards something else.

Be patient with the process but stand firm on your position.

Hope the sciatica is already gone away.
TSG: "No, I have never heard of the Blue Waffle..."
Slug: "Even Kidlet knows what the Blue Waffle is..."

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