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I need a new bike
I am on the lookout for a new motorcycle and always am scanning craigslist. I am hoping to find a great deal before spring. If anyone in the area knows of someone who may be selling me their bike soon or sees a good deal, let me know. Not looking for anything brand new but not a fixer-upper either. Thanks.
Whats wrong with the cat? Sad
2003 Yamaha R1
Mods: Yoshimura TRS slip-on, Frame Sliders

Sold: 03/16/2014
2007 Yamaha YZF600R
Mods: 2Bros C2 slip on, Flush Turn Signals. Puig Race windscreen, Ride it aftermarket, TSG Custom Pearl white paint, 14/49 JT sprockets w/ gold 530 DID Chain, OES Frame sliders, Motion Pro speedo cable, LW adaptor, '09 R6 rear shock

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