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Hey washington bikers! I'm not seeing any posts in the last couple of years. Are you all out there? I'm new to the sport and to this site and I'm looking for riding partners in my area (Auburn, WA). To explore some fun roads and learn from.
welcome Cheers

i'm sure there's plenty of riders on the west coast, i mean, after all, california is over there Jester
Welcome. I can't speak for the west side of the state, but there are a number of us Cat riders over here on the east side. Lots of great twisty back roads to explore over here too. Hop over the hill some time and say hi! Ok

By the way Joker Jester I like your choice of rides, I have a red 95 Firebird and Blue 07 Cat. Lol
Go Cougs and Thundercats
im going to be up in edmonds for vacation a week from monday. but i am flying, and not taking my currently broken motorcycle that better get itself fixed here in a week so i can go to the trackday ive been anticipationg for 57 years...
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