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80 last Saturday
Today.??? :fire :evil :<

[Image: AprilSnow.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0330.jpg]

It is April Right?
Will this ever end.
Sweat you can wipe off, Road rash you can't.
To Many Mods to List.
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PNW Locals Site

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Oh man I love the Pacific Northwest. 2 best states ever.
[Image: 2403285524_3c66f136c5_o.jpg]
April 23, and I'm looking at more snow out the window as I write this. It was 75 the day before yesterday! :fire
Go Cougs and Thundercats
mega bummer. i broke a nice sweat riding today Jester
Snow again today, along with rain and wind. I wana ride my Cat. Doh
Go Cougs and Thundercats
cougair Wrote:Snow again today, along with rain and wind. I wana ride my Cat. Doh

Haha... suite up and ride!

I had a few snow flakes and misting yesterday on my ride into work. And yesterday and today has been really windy! My tall Kawi KLR650 is like a huge sail in the wind. Tons of fun!

Can't wait to finish my YZF tear-down/inspection/tuneup and get it on the road. (New bike... just bought last weekend).

Inland Empire
Glad to hear the weather isn't stopping all of us. I did get my old XL250 Honda out today and play in the dirt a little. The forecast looks good the next couple of days I plan to bring YZF back out. Good luck getting your
YZF going and welcome to the club it's a great bike. Ok
Go Cougs and Thundercats
(First post)

I just picked up my cat (1997 thundercat imported from germany) and im stareing at blue skys but i'm sure they are going to go back to rain real soon.

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