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Official OREGONIAN Thread
I Love Oregon.


So, after using the search function and looking around a bit, I came across the Pacific Northwest forum and some threads with Oregonian members. So then I thought to myself, "Self, we need an Oregonian thread," to which I replied, "I agree."

I know right now the weather is heading into the colder and wetter side (and snow-ier in some places soon), but come spring and summer, we Oregonians ought to get together for some rides. It would surely help a bunch of us newer types - ::raises hand:: - out and get us some much-needed experience and fellow-bike-rider and fellow-Cat-owner socialization.

Anyway, here's the place to start. Let's all get to know each other a little bit. I'll start.

user: VigilancePrime
bike: 2002 YZF600R, Black/Silver
city: Salem, Oregon (our great state's capital)
years riding: less than one
riding course: yes, Team Oregon's IRT
MySpace: yes, VigilancePrime

...Now, who's gonna be next?

Yay, another salem rider!

user: italianracer
bike: 2007 YZF 600R Blue
city: Salem, Oregon/Corvallis, Oregon
years riding: less than one
riding course: Team Oregon
MySpace: Dont use it anymore, Facebook is better.
Not so much.
[Image: 2403285524_3c66f136c5_o.jpg]
User: codyinfamous
Bike: 95 yzf 600
City: tillamook
Hey i Live in Salem just joined this here's my intro


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