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Seattle Cycle Center Sale
SCC is having a sale next weekend, 3/8-11.

The screaming deal I saw was FREE on the bike mounting and FREE road hazard protection with purchase of a pair of tires.

The drive-in, drive-out tire mounting is normally around $100 at SCC and elsewhere. Many of us own stands and can pull wheels ourselves, but many cannot. This saves you a load of money and makes it easy.

I purchased a tire there a year ago and reluctantly bought their road hazard protection plan. That plan was one of my best purchases, as I "nailed" that tire only a few hundred miles later. That tires replacement got "screwed" a few hundred as well. Money well spent, but now FREE with purchase of tires.

SCC does not have the lowest prices around on tires, but with the labor and the protection plan, it easily beats any other local deals. If you need tires this spring, I am SURE they'd let you buy them now and install them whenever works out for your timing.

Just wanted to pass this on to the locals.
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Renton motorcycle is also having a sale this weekend..with the same deal.

So for those of us further down south..renton is alot closer than seattle Cheers

dont mean to jack your thread..just thought i'd spread the word to Angel
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