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Any Alaskan Cats?
Just like it says... I'm born and raised there, wonderin if there are any Cat owners up that way...
These aren't the droids you're looking for...
"...not so much putting my head on a penguins body, riding bareback on a walrus with only one tusk and a wooden spoon."
[Image: bikesig.jpg]
[color=darkblue]I ve got a 2003 YZF Silver/Black that is my baby.[/color
Im also from Anchorage with a 2001 Black cat and I love it. Many mods have been done this summer and more to come over the winter Cheers I work on the slope but on my 2 weeks off im down to ride everyday anytime so PM me if you want to meet up. Would be cool to ride with another cat in our group.
Straight lines are for fast bike, corners are for fast riders.
Thunder cat over here. Speaking of thunder, I can't wait until the arctic thunder show!!! Spectacular. I've been riding since august of 2011. I enjoy group rides and its nice to hear from yzf owners in AK or even riders in AK. Ps I live in anchorage.
"Wanna see home look at the sky"

-- Kid Cudi --

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