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Post Crash Resurrection of my Cat
In 2017, my youngest son was riding my YZF home from college one day and got distracted on the interstate by a golf cart that had come off of a trailer and was causing traffic to slow down.  He was looking at the golf cart as he passed by, and did not see the car in front of him come to a complete stop.  He braked hard, but still hit hard.
Being an ATGATT rider, he was not injured, save for a few scratches on his back because his jacket did not Zip to his leather overpants.

I was able to retrieve the bike on a trailer myself to avoid towing fees.
It had a small flat spot on the rear tire

The forks were bent, plastics were broken and rashed, lights and mirrors trashed, fairing stay bent, and subframe twisted. 

I think he was blessed to walk away.

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