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yzf600r Swing Arm
Short 1,415 mm wheelbase chassis is one of the most impressive handling designs in the class thanks to its high rigidity Deltabox swinging arm. By keeping the rear wheel tracking accurately, Yamahas race proven system gives this exciting new machine superb straight line stability and precision steering.
yzf600r Rear Suspension
Underlining the Thundercat's unrivalled specification is its rising rate Monocross suspension system which can be easily adjusted for preload, compression and rebound damping to suit varying requirements. And for progressive braking performance Yamaha fitted a 245 mm rear disc and compact 2-pot caliper.
yzf600r Front Suspension and Brakes
Equipped with stiff 41 mm tubes, the smooth action cartridge type front forks offer precision characteristics and make for superb rider and passenger comfort-while for remarkable stopping power the new YZF-R runs with 298 mm dual floating discs operated by 4-piston differential bore calipers.
yzf600r Carburetors
Thundercat's intake design is one of the most efficient in the middleweight supersport category, and features big bore 36 mm downdraft carburettors incorporating water heating for enhanced fuel atomisation-as well as a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for outstandingly quick throttle response at all engine speeds.
yzf600r Crankshaft
Matching the uprated engine's increased power output is an all-new crankshaft design. Fitted with high quality forged pistons that combine high durability with low weight, this new bottom end contributes significantly to the YZF600R's astonishing acceleration and class leading power output.
yzf600r Cylinder
Thundercat's lightweight cylinder block benefits from ceramic composite plated bores which dramatically reduce piston/cylinder friction levels and give superior heat dissipation. Special closed deck construction helps eliminate distortion at high engine speeds-and to keep centre of gravity low the whole block is sloped forwards
yzf600r Engine
Advanced 599 cc slant block in-line four liquid-cooled engine runs with lightweight ceramic composite plated cylinders and racing style forged pistons which increase high rpm performance. All new forced air induction system substantially boosts power throughout the range, and for consistent operating temperatures a large capacity oil cooler is fitted.
yzf600r Frame
Technologically advanced Deltabox frame is a direct spin-off from Yamahas World Championship race bikes, and features massive twin spars for low weight plus immense rigidity. With its short wheelbase, Superbike racer based geometry and sophisticated suspension systems, this high quality chassis delivers superbly agile handling performance.
yzf600r Gears
To achieve maximum potential from the high powered slant block engine Yamaha developed a compact new slick shifting transmission for the YZF600R. Featuring six carefully selected ratios, this specially designed gearbox enables the rider to experience the optimum performance in a wide variety of riding conditions.
yzf600r Instrument Panel
Thundercat's sleek racing style cockpit is a close replica of the system featured in Yamahas Superbike racers, and incorporates a lightweight speedometer, tachometer and water gauge, all featuring easy to read faces.