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bt56ssWhat can I say about the BT-56 SS? How about awesome? I can't understand why these tires always play second chair to the Dunlop D207. I personally like the Bridgestone better. It is not quite as wide as the D207 (so it turns in faster) and sticks every bit as well. Not only that but getting 4000 very agressive miles out of a set of high performance tires? Count me in.


And what about the BT57? (OEM in 2000) Well, it isn't quite as sticky as the BT-56 SS but still a pretty decent tire. I found that they lacked the sure-footedness the 56's had. The tire felt as though it rolled around on the rim a bit (weaker sidewall?) Still a great tire for those learning to "get it over" or those who have more touring intentions.