Ever since my accident, I've had my doubts if I could or would ever ride again. It was through the internet that I found people injured far worse than me who continued their love for riding. With every picture I saw or story I read, I gained more and more hope that I will ride again. I also realized during my many searches that it wasn't wrong for me to want to continue riding, depite the unrequested bits of advice I was bambarded daily with from those who don't understand.

It has become a dream of mine to start a chapter here in the U.S. for riders with disabilities of any kind, who ride bikes of any make. I want to share their stories, as well as their innovations that have allowed them to ride once again. It is my hope to inspire others, as I have been inspired, and to remind people not to give up on what you may find to be important to you, no matter what that may be.

Please share this page with others if you feel they may benefit from this or who could help me along in my quest. Send your stories, pictures or words of encouragement for others to share. For now, here are the few links I have to get started.

I hope to eventually create in the US, what the NABD has done in the UK. Excellent site, great people.

Clicking the picture will take you to Adaptive Motocycles.Com makers of adaptive riding equipment to get you back on two wheels.