Sadly Overlooked !

I called the Yamaha Motor Company today to ask them how come Icould not find any apparel or accessories for my YZF600R. As you can see if you click on the bike accessories the 600r it doesn't even show up. I am really upset because every time I go to a sportbike event ( dragrace, AMA superbike) I can't represent! I know we have a store but I am female and need COLOR and WOMEN SIZES! I am a 30 year old but I can't wear 13 year olds size. Anyway...The Yamaha people pretty much said that it wasn't a really popular bike and the R6 was the race bike that they really only promoted it and he was really sorry that he couldn't help me. How F@#$%& up is that? I told him that there were many sites deticated to what we call the THUNDERCAT! And there needs to be a change. Can A SISTA GET A WITNESS??? Hats, T-shirts, tankbras, jackets, tank shields, seat cowls, ( I found seat cowls on some site after some intensive searching.) Anything made by YAMAHA! I want some apparel professionally marketed. I want to show people that the YZF600R is one of the best 600cc's on the market. Stylish but cofortable, sporty and has great power. I don't know maybe we could start a petition. Let them know there is a market for this bike. This is a rant page and I am RANTING! Sorry if I am rambling.



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