Lost a friend today.

After 3 days on life support a friend of mine and a best friend of my roomate passed away.

He was doing wheelies in a deserted parking lot without any safety gear what so ever. He came down from a wheelie at around 70 or so and from what I'm told did a few tank slappers and went off the bike head first into the ground. After that he slid foe about 70 feet. He deid from masive brain trauma. From what I'm told, he woke up once after the accident, and recognized who he was and that he'd been in an accident and then stopped breathing a few times, while his brother gave him CPR 2 time to revive his breathing. He went to the hospital with major brain swelling. They stuck tubes in his head to releave the pressure, but ultimately it was too much and he gave up fighting.

People! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! WHERE YOUR SAFETY GEAR, he would have walked away had he been wearing a helmet. He had no other injuries, none, beside the cut and road rash. This just isn't an option! WEAR YOUR GEAR! I'm tired of planting people I know. Suck up your pride and your comfort. It does hurt other people when you die because of stupidity, reguardless of what you think!


- CrazyRED

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