I am a changed man.

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Here it goes...

FIRST.. there is NO Helmet Law in Illinois.

I rode my bike to work today.. I always wear my jacket and lid when commuting. BUT today during lunch, I was a squid.. I went to my friends house for lunch ( he lives about a 1/2 mile from my office). He just bought a new R1 and he wanted to show it off

So we decide to ride to subway for lunch. I am VERY jealous because I KNOW his R1 will eat my YZF for lunch.. I ask him can I ride.. He says..

I'm like whatever

So we are in his parking lot, when he raised the front wheel ( to show off). When he lowered it, his front wheel was turned. He started to wobble and in his panic, he raised the front again.. this time throwing him off the back. .. I am SCARED AS HELL!!

Bike tumbles.. he tumbles.. when he gets up, the palm of his hand is COMPLETELY skinned (no gloves), his arm.. skinned down to the white (he is black) (no jacket), and road rash on his on his bald head (no lid). I was SCARED AS HELL!!!

I am NEVER going out to ride EVER again.. without jacket, gloves and my lid..

LESSON LEARNED.. ( the hard way)

- ChiTown

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