Why people should think first, speak second.

I have probably kicked this dead horse for the last time. I will give the short version of what I mean. A group of us take a 60 minute ride to the nearest mountain range and cut loose for a few hours. Long story short, I crashed, totaled my bike, got hauled off in the meat wagon, and spent while in the hospital. A few broken ribs, smushed my spleen into tiny bits, and very small amount of road rash. (Thank you leather).

I am really mad at the fact that I destroyed my 3 month old VTR1000 in an accident that was only partially my fault. As far as the think first. speak second deal....here it goes.

I return to work for the usual "are you ok?" and "hope you are feeling better." and I am appreciative of the fact that my workmates were concerned for my well-being. What I didn't expect was the oppostion for the fact I was buying another bike. "Are you insane?" "Didn't you learn the first time"? "I can't believe you are going to do that." Well guess what, I did. My accident was not because of the motorcycle. It was due to the fact that I did not give the bike the respect it required from me at that particular moment. Simple as that. I raised the question..How many people do you know have gotten into auto accidents? They bought another car after that, didn't they? Why is this different? It's not.

So yes...I bought another bike. Yes, I will continue to ride like a moron on occasion. Yes, I will have as much fun as my respect will allow. The big lesson of this story is........70ft lbs of torque + sharp left hander + slower, poor line holding F3 = mountain wall lowside .


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