Why Speed Limits Don't Work.

First off, I hate speed limits. I see a reason for them in residential areas, and I see a reason for them in business areas. That is about it. If I can not safely judge how fast I should be going in a particular area, I should not be behind the wheel. (Or behind the handle bars)

Speed limits are huge revenue generators. Think about it. Johnny law can't point his finger at anyone (since we all speed every now and again) and say "I think you should give me $80.00." "If you think I am wrong in giving you this ticket, you may take a day off from work, waste a better part of your day, come to court, and probably end up paying anyway. Oh yea…..and don't forget, your insurance will try and screw you out of more money because they will see you as a greater risk. If that is not a fleecing, I don't know what one is.

The bottom line is, speed does not kill. Not paying attention kills. Why do we not pay attention? Maybe part of it is that we a forced to drone on at our state mandated pace of a blazing 55mph. I'm not saying we should be able to drive to work at a buck thirty, but if I chug along at 70mph, am I really a menace to society? If a couple of buddies and I want to squirt up the interstate at a bit over the "legal" limit, and we a being respectful of over drivers (i.e. signaling, passing in the left lane) then why shouldn't we be able to? If there isn't a speed limit, how can they make money?

Try being more aggressive in ticketing all of those people who let their kids jump around in the back seats of cars. Ticket those morons cutting lanes in traffic while talking on their cellular phone. Fine drunk drivers to the point where they have to finance the fine over 4 years. Ticket the idiots I see driving down the interstate with lumber tied to the roof of their Honda Civics. Leave those of us who exceed the speed limit by 15 or so miles alone.

A Spleenboy


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