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Ride Height Adjusters: (By Ducgrl)

ducgrlNo problems installing. Have to take the weight off the back wheel--so you have to figure out how you want to best do that (with out center stand) and you can't use a rear wheel stand because they attached to the swing arm (which you need to be working on). Once you figure that out...the rest is pretty easy by following Adjustment Tech instructions. It involves using a couple of box end wrenches to remove the old static linkages and install and adjust the new ones. The install instructions are pretty good. And the guys (Adjustment Tech) will also respond to questions.

Another good explanation and some reasonable tips are at : Susan's 1998 YZF600R page (www.math.uwaterloo.ca/~rblander/yzf)

ducgrlWe ended up doing a small modification on the right side so that the linkage clears the exhaust clamp on the pipe. It depends on where the clamp screw is oriented and could vary bike to bike...) We undid the spot weld holding the clamp on and rotated it around the pipe. Minor, but took a little extra time. Then adjust (lower/raise) and align your suspension per other articles on basic suspension settings, etc. Obviously the first thing is to get the bike back to a "level" attitude (for/aft). That may require adjusting the front fork height. (It did for me--see the photo for that).

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