Clutch Inspection / Replacement :


This is less for the faint of heart than oil changes. It requires removal of the RIGHT side fairing, and the clutch cover. It is best performed while the bike is on the sidestand to prevent oil from draining out the side. (oops) DO NOT allow anything to fall into oil drain pan, as you will most likely have a difficult time fishing it out. (triggering need to perform the previous post (oil change))

1. Remove right side fairing.

2. Find the clutch cover. Clean the area around it to remove stray dirt, dust, spiders or small animals.

Clutch Cover
3. Remove the clutch cover. Keep careful track of which screws go where, as they ARE different.

Clutch assembly
4. Remove the bolts holding the clutch springs (10mm socket, don't try using a screwdriver, it is just frustrating) keep track of which spring goes where. (The yzf stock springs are 2 different sizes, and must be replaced in same relative positions - staggered layout).

Removing clutch springs
5. Measure the clutch spring length: 1.57 inch for the longer ones, 1.48 inch for the shorter ones.

Taking measurement
6. Remove the outer pressure plate, set it on a convenient clean rag.

Outer hub removed
7. Remove the outer clutch plate (this one and the last one should be black). Using a dial caliper (20 bux from Home Depot) measure the thickness in several places around the plate. NOTE: measure on the pads, not in the grooves! Spec is .11 inches, any less than that, buy new plates. If it's greater than that, life is good! Record measurement for future reference (wear rate determination).

Clutch measurementClutch Measurement
8. Repeat for all additional plates. NOTE: plates must be reinstalled in same order/orientation as they were removed. Stack them in the order in which them came out so you can re-install them in same fashion. (logically)

PS: The screwdriver is for getting the last 2 clutch plates out. Take the screwdriver at one end and your finger at other, then tilt the plate out with the screwdriver. Catch the plate with your finger and, using finger and screwdriver, pull it out far enough to grasp with your other fingers.

Clutch plates in order
9. Replace the outer pressure plate. Replace springs and screws. Torque screws in star pattern to 5.8 ftlbs.

Torque 'em down!!
10. Install the clutch cover. Tighten the bolts hand tight, then torque them in a star pattern to 8.7 ftlbs.

11. Replace fairing and have fun riding!