Oil Changes:

1. Remove the left side fairing. Although fairing removal isn't absolutely necessary, this makes it a lot easier.

2. Find oil drain bolt and place suitable container under bike.

The oil drain plug
3. Clean area around oil drain bolt. You don't want any of the road grime to find it's way into the case once you've removed the bolt.

4. Remove oil drain bolt and drain oil out. While the oil is draining, take this time to look over other things, tire condition, lights, etc. DONT start the bike...(assuming you're not THAT dumb to try).

5. Once oil has completed draining, replace plug, torque to 31ftlbs torque.

6. Place container under front of bike. Wipe off oil filter and surrounding area on the oil cooler. Get something to place under the oil filter to divert oil away from headers (unless you just LOVE that oil-burning smell). Remove locking device (if any) and remove oil filter, place it on the container to allow it to drain.

Use the box paper to direct oilDraining the oil

7. Wipe oil filter base off and fill the filter with clean oil once (ie fill it to the top once). TO insure a good seal, wipe some of the clean oil on the o-ring seal with your finger.
8. Install the new filter. When the filter's rubber o-ring touches the oil cooler (base) tighten an additional 3/4 of a turn. The torque spec is 12ftlbs, which is pretty much hand tight. The 3/4 turn trick has NEVER failed me for leakage, car OR bike. Yes, thats a Honda filter.... very high quality.

Yes, it says Honda!

9. On other side of bike, remove the oil fill plug after cleaning around it. Put 3 quarts of oil in, replace cap, get the bike upright, and check level. With 3 quarts it should fill the window. No worries here, as after it starts it will fill oil filter and the level returns nicely to the half-way point, which is where you want it to be.

Top it off.

Note: Both fairings were removed for the photos due to the fact that I was doing other stuff too.