This How To was generously supplied by John N.

Custom LED Taillight mod:

Tools Needed:
1 ¼" 160psi PVC Pipe About 1 ½' long
(3) 1 ¼" PVC End Caps
(3) 1157 L.E.D. Bulbs
(3) 1157 Stop/Run Sockets
1 1/8" - 29mm and a 1 ½" - 38mm Hole saw
Crescent File
¼" Drill bit
PVC Glue
Dry erase marker
Plexiglas 1/8"-1/4" thick


Step 1
· Take off all rear fairings and plate bracket.
· Remove Taillight from sub frame.
· Use the ¼" Drill bit and drill out the four welds (see fig. below) and coat the holes with a anti-rust spray paint. Then set the top plate aside.
· Cut off the quick connect from the OEM taillight and set aside.

Step 2
· Use the template (fig. ) to mark area that needs to be cut and the trace the line for the top light (ensure that all templates are measured to be the same size as the side bar show's).
· Use the 1 ½" - 38mm Hole saw and cut the two lower holes.
· Slowly file the holes just until the PVC pipe will fit and point straight out the back, also file down to the line for the top light.
· Use a
Dremel to file down the top light hole.

Step 3
· Cut three pieces of PVC pipe 3 ¼" long with a 40 degree angle.
· Cut a 1 1/8" hole in the three end caps.
· Spray paint all of the PVC pieces. Use color of your choice I used ultra-flat black.

Step 4
· Use the template to trace the out line onto the plexiglas then cut the light cover out. Make sure you do not crack the plexiglas.


· Cut out the hole in the template and trace them onto the outside of the plexiglas with a dry erase marker.
· Glue the 40 degree angle side of the pipe onto the inside of the glass and allow to set for two days. Make sure that the pipes look straight and not canted on the glass.
· After glue has set spray paint the inside of the light cover. Make sure you do not spray to the inside of the pipes.
· If you wish you can cover the outer side of the light with materials such as carbon fiber or other. Ensure you do not cover up the holes.


It will be your choice if you want the top light to be a stop/run or just a stop.
· Connect the black wire to ground.
· Blue/red wire to the run wire. If you are only going to make two of them "run/stop" then mark the other so that you know that it is just "stop"
· Red wire to the stop wire.


**The wiring can be reversed with the sockets so make sure that you test them first before installing.
**If the fuse blows, most likely the socket is grounding itself out. Check the prongs in side of the socket and make sure they are not touching the wall of the socket.


· Slide the taillight into place (Do not force it if it will not go). Make sure that the fit is good and if any changes need to be made the just do a little more filing. If you wish to make it permanently part of the bike then also glue it after you are done.
· Now install the caps onto the pipes. At this time if you did just the stop for the top then ensure that the correct one goes on the top.
· Hook wiring up.
· Test lights once again.
· Replace fairings


Ride and be Happy