Like those fender eliminator kits that give you the flush rear/racer look? They'll set ya back about $100. Trim the rear fender yourself for free and get the same look. Read on:

Trimming the rear fender:

Pictures and text by Steve C.

Stock = boringStock = boring

1. Ok, first you relocate the plate bracket higher up. Like most I decided to invert
it also. To do this you just take the nuts off the back and pull it off. Drill some
new holes where you want it, being sure it will fit with the plate on. Then put
the nuts back on. (in all about 10 min) I plan on making a plate bracket of my
own design later. Now you can drill out the rivets that hold the reflectors on.
Remove them and you can use the holes as ref. points for your cutting line.
The holes help you make a nice curve.

NOTE: I cut off allot. You can cut off less or more... Whatever you like, just do it!

Marking the line

2. Mark your cut out line. I used a black marker. You can use tape or pencil or
just free hand it if you like. I did use a straight edge to make sure they were
kind of even.


3. You can see here I used the upper hole to help make the curve. (left picture above)


Using a Dremel tool with the thin cut off disk; you cut along the line. WARNING! small
HOT bits of plastic fly off. As does bits of the disk itself. USE EYE PROTECTION!

Cutting from the underside

4. After you cut from end to end; you need to cut the ribs on the back. Using
the same Dremel I simply cut them as straight as I could. Later you can cut
them better.(once the big fender flap is off) Next just fold the fender a few times
and off it goes.... Right straight into the trash bin.

5. Now sand the rough edges to your liking. Then put you plate back on and look at your handy work.

All goneAll gone