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Two Brothers X MetalSpleenboy's slip on set him back a pretty penny. Almost 40,000 of them. It is a Two Brothers X-Metal oval. He had to eat macaroni and cheese for a long time to pay for it. It sounds a bit deeper than then RS3 and also a bit louder. It also moves around a little due to the spring connection of the muffler and pipe. The pay-off is when the sun hits it just right.....Wow.

Yoshimura RS 3Karl's pipe is a Yoshimura RS3 Aluminum oval slip-on. He is really happy with the look and perfrormance of it. It could stand to be a little louder. But overall it's a great slip-on.

HindleRich's Hindle Full Exhaust. Re-Jetting required but get a nice boost in power, good sound and great looks. Worth a look for anyone wanting some decent power.

Blue Micron This is Kane's blue carbon fiber pipe from Micron. Nice sound and drop dead sexy looks. Go buy one right now.


Dutch made Bos exhaust. Nice looks, decent build quality and raspy sound all in one.This is Steve's BOS slip-on pipe.